Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pipe Dreamers - Wednesday

‘Oh no, this won’t do at all. It’s nowhere near as nice as ours, is it Norman?’
I look at Norman, he looks at me and we both have that feeling of resignation. I just haven’t had the guts to pen the letter yet.

‘No dear.’ Says Norman with a ghosted look of apology in my direction. The house isn’t badly priced. It’s a bit tired admittedly, but then so is Norman - both worn down by years of exposure to uncontrollable elements. I need to move the couple on. They’ve booked three appointments on the spin with me, fortunately I have keys to all the homes and the owners are out. People don’t always take kindly to irritating time-wasters criticising their property in overloud stage whispers. I don’t need another stand up row.

‘These properties are so expensive here.’ Whines Norman’s wife in tandem with my failing drive shaft, as we cross town at the worst possible time to another, almost certainly, abortive appointment. You should look at some of their houses, I think angrily, as I pass an opposition agents board, one standing outside a property I valued and they priced 20% higher than my already bullish estimate. It still rankles, but I’m biding my time.

‘I don’t like the décor at all.’ Complains Norman’s wife dismissively even before we’ve left the entrance hall of property two.
‘You could change that dear.’ Suggests Norman warily.
‘Not at these prices.’ Snaps the dragon, as I suppress the urge to punch the woman, or at lease puncture her pomposity. She’s looking at properties in a dearer location than her own home turf and you might as well compare apples with pears.

‘No it’s not for us at all.’ Concludes the wife from hell, as I start to dislike Norman too just for putting up with her. I could show him a perfectly serviceable studio flat if he’s just grow some balls and divorce her. He’d obviously lose all his equity and half his pension but that would be the first price worth paying he is likely to see…

‘How are things going with your own sale?’ I probe as we move through the school traffic slowly. F my idiot trainee booked the viewings to this out of town couple and he told me, less than convincingly, that he’d qualified them properly and they were on the market with good interest. I wouldn’t be here otherwise.

‘Oh you don’t need to worry about that,’ scoffs Norman’s nemesis. ‘Our house will sell very quickly. It’s the best in the road.’
‘It is on the market though isn’t it?’ I say, sinking feeling returning.
‘No we won’t be wasting our time with that until we see something suitable.’ Replies the wife icily.
Not wasting your time, no.

‘The garden is no more than a pocket handkerchief.’ Grumbles the woman as I open the patio doors on the third house. I’m tempted to lay out a snotty piece of linen on the lawn, just to disprove her theory, only she hasn’t finished. It’s one I’ve heard a million times before but it still makes me want to scream with frustration.
‘Of course what we’d really like to do is pick our house up and move it here.’
Another piece of my soul breaks away. It’s delaminating bit by bit – a surveyor would ask for a specialist report.

‘You haven’t shown us the garage.’ Carps Norman’s wife, as he throws me a shrug behind her back. That’s because you have no intention of buying, I ache to scream but I can do without another complaint. The bean counter boss always favours the public – but then he’s only ever viewed a balance sheet. I lift the up-and-over door.

‘You wouldn’t get your Rover in there Norman.’ Decides his wife, face as sour as a lemon. No, but you could sleep in there when you’re in the doghouse Norm, I think angrily, nearly cracking my skull open as I slam the door.

‘And our dining room suite wouldn’t fit in any of them.’ Drones the wife as I drive them to the train station, Norman’s Rover obviously saving the wear and tear I’m taking.

It’s hard to stay on track.


You know what to do... 

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Excellent stuff. A great read over my morning coffee