Saturday, June 14, 2014

Closed For Extended Lunch

Like those old school solicitors that close for lunch, I'm on holiday for two weeks. So amuse yourself by guessing what hysterical headline about the property market your favourite tabloid will be running, reading back numbers of the Blog or if you get really enthused, by downloading a copy of the three 'Agents Diary' based ebooks now on Amazon - links on the right for those lawyers still lunching. Free reading app for all formats via Amazon website and priced cheaper than the warm beer I'll be buying for the next fourteen days.

I might tweet a few pithy observations about fellow holidaymakers if I can find a decent Wi-Fi signal priced as reasonably as my books - but then again I might not.

Finally, if you also happen to be on holiday somewhere in The Med for the last two weeks of June 2014 don't ask the man with a red nose and a six pack what he does for a living, as a punch to the face will only offend.


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